Monday, February 4, 2013

Take me back to the good ol days

Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
I get so caught up in LIFE! I start my day off with prayer but once my feet hit the floor I'm running. I go full speed all day long. Most of my days do not even consist of a lunch! By the end of the day when I need to be in a good mood for my family, I'm stressed, ill & just ready for everyone including myself to go to bed!
Yesterday, we got up went to church, came home, ate lunch then my family & I went for a ride looking for our dog that is lost. We drove for hours down back roads & my mind started thinking back to my childhood.
I want to go back to the good ol days! I want my children to know a lifestyle like I once had. I can remember going to my granny's house, watching her cook, study bible lessons, quilt, shell peas, etc. with her friends. They sat & visited for hours while the kids played. We climbed trees, dug for worms, made forts, etc. We also helped pick the garden, bring in vegetables, feed the animals, etc. We had so much fun! We laughed together, took walks down dirt roads, rode on back of my grandpa's truck, rode horses & even cows. lol
Now days kids look at you like you have lost your mind if you suggest digging for worms, climbing up a tree or riding on a cow. We had no cell phones & we survived! We had no computers & we survived!
I've been researching The Amish & Mennonite lifestyles & I'm really desiring that type of life for my family. That's how my family use to be. They were not Amish or Mennonite but they were simple! They were family focused & hard working Christians that desired the love of a family more than keeping up with the Jones'. My grandparents didn't have the fine things in life yet they were rich in the eyes of God. I want to be so consumed with my relationship with God & my family that nothing else matters. And truly that's how God intended it to be. Our sole purpose in this life is to witness to others about our Lord & Savior!
This morning I was thinking, no wonder why us Christians face so many trials & hard times. Look at how we are living!!! We put our eyes on things of this world instead of whats important: God & family should be our main focus.
I'm starting today by turning my family around. I do not want to go forward with the lifestyle I've got caught up in. This change will not be easy but I know with the help of God it is possible. The next few post in my blog will be about the steps I'm taking to change my families lifestyle. I know some people around me will think I've lost my mind by wanting to live this lifestyle but I'm doing what God has laid on my heart. I'm not worried about what others think, say or do. I'm responsible for my family. I will be the one to stand in front of God & be judged for how I raised the children he trusted me with. Was I the mother he intended me to be? Was I the witness I was created to be? Was I the wife he planned for me to be? I want to be able to stand before him with no blood on my hands. No desires of this world just a Godly love overflowing from my heart.
I pray right now that if you are reading this post & are stressed at how hectic your life is, that you will consider making a change. Analyze your life, see what you are focusing on the most. If its just stuff, work, getting everything done, rushing, being here & there. I urge you to turn back to God. He gives us the promise of eternal life. This life is that of a vapor (very short). Make the most of it the right way (God's way).

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